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Whale Watching / Whale Safari

In July-August-September on Sainte Marie Island in Madagascar offers you an Unforgettable show !!
For our greatest pleasure, 2000 to 3000 whales are present in the channel of Sainte Marie, to mate and give birth to their young.
The days are punctuated by the song of the males, incredible jumps but also the clashes that characterize love parades !!
We work in close collaboration with the CETAMADA association

Pirates' Cemeteries and Île Aux Forbans

For two centuries, the island has been the haunt of sea brigands. In the 18th century, it is said, more than a thousand privateers resided there. Around 1700, Île Sainte-Marie thus became the home port of some twenty vessels and the home of a thousand pirates.
The cemetery of the pirates, or Saint Pierre cemetery, is located opposite the islet Madame, facing the first church in Madagascar (1857) and the pirates island ... Site steeped in history, evocative names that will make you dream between others to the adventures of the buccaneer ...

Source Tourist office .

The Antanandava waterfall

Before reaching the natural pools, you can see the Antanandava waterfall from the road.
This waterfall is easy to access and is located about 10 kilometers from the town of Ambodifotatra. It is a peaceful place where it is good to recharge your batteries for a few minutes.

Natural pools

North of Sainte Marie Island is a corner of paradise made up of three basins formed by rock barriers. They form the natural pools of Ambodiatafana.
The fine sandy beaches are adorned with a barrier of black rocks against which the waves crash and offers a great spectacle for lovers of strong sensations.
The 1st of Antsarirabe pool with calm waters can swim quietly to the pool 2nd Antsarirakelitry is a sacred place where coins are launched in the clefts of the rock for a wish. The third swimming pool, further south, is a small lagoon.

Ile Aux Nattes A dream day in paradise!

South of Île Sainte Marie is Île aux Nattes, also called Nosy Nato. Which owes its name to the tree, the Nato, which was once used to make canoes. The small size of the island makes it easy to make the walking tour in half a day . A paradise island. You will immediately have the impression of stepping into a postcard:beautiful white sand beaches, a lagoon with turquoise waters suitable for diving, sandy paths traversing the small island in order to discover the riches, the landscapes, the fauna, the flora and the local populations. No car, no electricity ...

Ampanihy Bay

Found on the eastern coast of Île Sainte-Marie in Madagascar.Accessible preferably by 4x4, then ride in a traditional canoe through small canals to finish on a huge mangrove (mixture of fresh water and sea water) .
Ampanihy bay, well known for its splendid beaches, a turquoise blue sea with magnificent white sand and pretty coconut palms, Ampanihy bay is one of the most unusual places to discover in Sainte-Marie. Herons and egrets flush out crabs and small fish. Not a sound, except the muffled roar of the waves which, in the distance, break on the coral reef for a swim in all serenity.

Sand islands

On a coral base covered with white sand in a magnificent turquoise lagoon off the island of Sainte Marie at 4 km, three islets of white sand, Nosy Rinditra, Nosy Andromba and Nosy Alanana. You will find all kinds of shells, magnificent coral reefs surrounded by sands. During the season the birds nest on the island. Ideal for a freediving spot as if you were in a colorful aquarium of exotic fish.
According to the customs practiced on the premises, it is forbidden to come there on Tuesday and Thursday. Pork and raffia are also taboo there.